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Whether you're a media publisher or events company looking to diversify revenue, or an advertiser brand wanting to find and secure more customers, Demand Tap can help you to understand, scope, plan, execute and optimise your demand generation strategy to gain traction quickly and scale efficiently.


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With proven techniques and tools, as well as insights into the latest cutting edge developments, we’ll help you to set-up and scale your demand generation operations to maximise customer acquisition, revenue, and return, whilst keeping you at the forefront of what's possible.

For media owners & publishers

With growing pressures on subscriptions and advertising revenue streams, we can help you unlock new revenue opportunities by tapping into your existing audiences to generate and then monetise demand.

We’ll help to scope, set-up, manage and optimise your demand generation operations by both identifying, nurturing and capturing demand amongst audiences, as well as building propositions, playbooks, and training for your teams to go-to-market.

For events companies

Extend your events revenue potential beyond ticket sales and sponsorships to include demand generation.

We’ll provide you with the playbook to capture and service demand for your clients’ products and services, create compelling sales propositions and go-to-market plans, and build on-going, always-on demand capture, verification and monetisation programmes.   

For advertiser brands

Given the current economic environment, it’s becoming harder and harder to find demand as customers reduce budgets and exit from markets.

We’ll give you proven best-practices and the latest techniques to identify, stimulate, nurture, convert and scale demand for your products and services.

Whether you’re operating in the B2C or B2B spaces, we have hands-on experience of building ‘demand engines’ to maximise both your ROI and customer experience.

What is demand generation?

Demand generation is a data-driven marketing approach to stimulate awareness and interest in a product or service, and then nurture that interest into qualified leads to create or grow a sales pipeline.

Why you need demand generation...

Demand is becoming harder to find
Across both B2B and B2C we're seeing budgets shrinking and prospects exiting from markets; understanding how to stimulate and grow demand generation is key to weathering the storm and thriving through this period.

Reducing budgets are requiring more 'provable' mechanics
With the tough economic conditions, businesses are reducing marketing spend at a time when costs are also increasing; as a result marketers, are looking to do more with less leading them to results-based programs, especially demand generation.

1st party data is crucial to future marketing activation
Increasing regulations around data capture, storage and usage, combined with growing limitations from technology platforms, are reducing the options for businesses to tap into sources of data and leads; demand generation is therefore mission-critical to enable businesses to gather 1st party permissions to power future marketing and customer engagement activities.

How we can help

Data Strategy

We’ll work with you to audit and understand your existing data assets, and subsequently determine any processes and tools required to collate, cleanse, verify, augment and orchestrate your data to use for demand generation.

Audience Identification

On the back of your data foundation, we’ll then build out audience segmentations and targeting criteria to maximise demand generation conversion and revenue potential, with ideal customer profiling to inform subsequent plans and executions.

Campaign Planning & Management

We’ll help you to define your campaign criteria and then brief into relevant partners and teams where appropriate. We’ll work with you to identify channels and sources of demand, build out tactical plans, plan media executions, and then run and optimise your programmes.

Content Creation

We’ll work with your audience profiles to develop content assets based on your / your clients’ propositions and sales messages that are specifically geared towards generating demand using a multi-format / multi-channel / multi-touch approach.

Funnel Development

We’ll work with you to build out programs using these assets to take potential customers through their online and offline buying journeys to the point where they’re informed and ready to engage with you / your clients, i.e. become qualified leads.


We’ll help you to identify business models, define commercial packages, create sales propositions and determine optimal pricing that align your programmes to your clients’ demand generation needs.

Team Training & Enablement

We’ll support your demand generation initiatives by creating playbooks, toolkits and facilitating team training to enable your go-to-market and ongoing operation. These will educate teams to sell demand generation effectively, plan and run demand generation campaigns, and handle any pre- or post- delivery enquiries.

Demand Tap Who We Are

Who we are

Demand Tap is a UK-based demand generation agency offering everything from strategy development through to hands-on execution. With over 20 years experience of delivering effective and efficient demand generation programmes across industry sectors and geographic regions, we act as your go-to expert and support as you scope, build and optimise your demand generation activities.

We also have a plethora of existing relationships with demand generation technology and facilitation partners world-wide who we can bring to bear on your particular challenge. We can either work on a project basis or as a more continuous extension of your team to help them understand and realise the ongoing opportunities of demand generation.

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